What is the use of contemporary monumental sculpture

The monumental contemporary sculpture allows to accompany the renewal of the urban landscape. The city offers many spaces to welcome forms of artistic expression of any kind, any format or theme. The monumental sculpture according to estades.com makes it possible to embellish the urban landscape and to improve the heritage.

An anonymous public space without relief can beautify itself by means of artistic expressions of different natures, among which the monumental sculpture. The movement of monumental sculpture has arrived today at a certain level of artistic recognition. Since the late 2000s, exhibitions of artistic achievements in public spaces are more numerous. The experience and know-how of the artists involved in the realization of these large-scale works allow to consider presentations of great artistic and technical quality. The exhibition of monumental sculpture everywhere in public spaces, allows to embellish and animate the public spaces of the urban setting.

The monumental work outdoors far exceeds the human scale. For questions of both security, durability, resistance to degradation, sculpture in the public space is often thought big, monumental. Contemporary art is no longer found only in closed structures such as museums, art galleries … where the visitor must make the physical, pecuniary and symbolic approach to get in touch with the works of art. Many works of monumental sculptures are exhibited in public spaces. The works are often specifically designed for the site: a street, square, roundabout, metro, esplanade … By its presence, the sculpture goes so far as to change our habits of passage.