The metal art with Gambino Jean-Francois

Several galleries present permanently the work of contemporary sculptors including that of Jean-François Gambino. This young animal sculptor is representative of his generation and is one of the major actors of sculpture in France. Bessoud and Umberto are two other famous sculptors. Discover the works of these talented artists.

The sculptor Jean-François Gambino was born in Paris in 1966. In his youth, he was attracted by music and studied musicology at the Sorbonne. After a few years, he left the artistic world to work more than ten years in the after-sales service of the famous Cartier jewelery, rue de la Paix in Paris. It was not until much later, in 1997, that he learned and discovered with the sculptor Chantal Adam the specific technique of working terracotta and patinas based on natural pigments. After learning to master the fundamentals of modeling, he passionately launches into animal sculpture. His enthusiasm continued to grow for this means of expression, he decided in 2003 to change his career and made animal sculpture his job. His bestiary is mainly composed of African animals. The sculptor artist always puts forward this desire to execute with speed and skill the animals he models. It is undoubtedly this spontaneity of realization that best reflects the strength, the vital energy and often intuitive that each animal must generate to survive and win.

All his terracotta creations are unique pieces but the sculptor does not hesitate to reproduce them in bronze if a sculpture lover asks him. The work of Jean-François Gambino was successful in 2007, when he received the prestigious Marcel Sandoz Prize.

Among his many exhibitions made everywhere in France since November 2010: permanently in the Galeries Michel Estades in Paris, Lyon and Toulon. 2010 – Rambouillet Hunting and Horse Shows 2009 – Eurantica (Brussels) Gallerie B, Saint-Tropez 34th Night Art Knock (Belgium) Sillage Gallery in Paimpol Galerie Bourreau-Ravier, Noirmoutier-en-île Château Saint Trys, Anse 2008 – Guest of honor at the Animal Film Festival in Amiens Castle Gallery in Noirmoutier Horse Fair of Saint-Tropez National Exhibition of Wildlife Artists in Bry-sur-Marne Gallery 6, Dijon – solo exhibition 2007 – National Exhibition of Animal Artists in Bry-sur-Marne: Marcel Edouard Sandoz Prize from the Swiss Foundation “Edouard et Maurice …