Contemporary monumental sculpture: the trend of metal

For an artist, the design of a monumental sculpture is a project as sensitive as it is important. Indeed, the monumental work, whether a painting or a sculpture requires special human qualities. The birth of a project requires materials, often metal and of course the establishment of financial means.

The production of monumental sculpture is often very heavy to bear, because it is at the same time expensive, time consuming, technically complex and requiring human resources as important as polyvalent. Many artists opt for metal, easier to work in the creation of monumental works. The creation of sculptures today is increasingly using sophisticated materials, sometimes new, as well as advanced and innovative technologies, at the limit of the existing. Artists have the opportunity to be accompanied in this often tedious process because it is necessary to contact companies, industrial research units, design offices and expert technicians from other areas of expertise (electronics, audiovisual, biological, scientist…). Both in the research of materials and in the study of the manufacturing processes, the accompaniers of these artists strive to find the right measure between the idealized creation by the artist, the technical complexity and the budget of production, while integrating the constraints related to the demonstration and the final installation. For works created from organic materials or electronic equipment, there is the concern for the sustainability of the work and its future conservation.

Many sculptors like to work with metal because this material offers many advantages. It can work all forms and all movements while maintaining a fluidity almost unreal or even fantastic of the object. Some of them make the choice to work the metal as a metalworker could do in the industry. To give life to their sculpture, they divert this technique in a more artistic setting. They create hands, shape bodies, faces … and also use ancestral know-how that is ironwork for more functional Art Deco creations.