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Contemporary monumental art refers to large sculptures of any kind. Often they are part of urban art with contemporary monumental works of art that seem designed to catch our eye and invite us to become a spectator even without our knowledge. We discover them everywhere, in public spaces, streets …

Bansky is renowned for being one of the most sought after and expensive Street Art artists. Entitled Silent Majority, this aerosol paint on metal was made in 1998, in collaboration with Inkie, another famous British artist Street, on a semi-trailer of nearly 10 meters long during a performance at the Glastonbury Festival.

Several art galleries have created a specific department dedicated to monumental art to meet the growing demand in this art sector. There is something for all genres and all tastes. Many contemporary artists exhibit their monumental works that arouse more and more enthusiasm among some art lovers. There are works by Bourdon, Brizzi, Chesade, Colcombret … Anish Kapoor is also one of the most renowned and influential artists of his generation. His monumental sculptures combine ingenuity in form and feats and attract a public fond of monumental art.

This time, some measure more than 7.50 meters long and more than 5.50 meters wide. Not to mention the template of the sculptures. One, representing sunflowers, reaches eleven meters high and occupies generously the three dimensions of space. But the new gallery is not intended to accommodate only monographs. As proof, in March 2013, Andy Warhol’s Disaster – exhibition at Banks Violette aimed to bring together several groups of artists. These were existing works where the scale of the place was not necessarily taken into account.


  • For an artist, the design of a monumental sculpture is a project as sensitive as it is important. Indeed, the monumental work, whether a painting or a sculpture requires special human qualities. The birth of a project requires materials, often metal and of course the establishment of financial means.

The production of monumental 

Many artists opt for metal, easier to work in the creation of monumental works. The creation of sculptures today is increasingly using sophisticated materials, sometimes new, as well as advanced and innovative technologies, at the limit of the existing. Artists have the opportunity to be accompanied in this often tedious process because it is necessary to contact companies, industrial research units, design offices and expert technicians from other areas of expertise (electronics, audiovisual, biological, scientist…).